Airline information FOR SUMMER PROGRAMS ONLY

This section may undergo changes as the airlines occasionally change their regulations. We recommend participants to check the airline's web site for the current airline policies, especially on the day of departure. We will advise students of any changes involving the specific agreement between Forspro and the airline. Airline policies are subject to change at the airline's discretion.

Note: Most flights, except those departing from Miami, are with Air France/Delta.  Iberia airlines services the flights from Miami. 

If you are providing own airfare

If you are providing your own international transportation and do not want the airfare Forspro includes in the price of the program, you receive a $1200 credit. Please be aware that the Madrid/Paris flight is part of the international transportation Forspro provides. Therefore, if you are making your own travel plans, you must make the arrangements to travel from Madrid to Paris as well. Note: Participants traveling on flights different from the group’s flight itinerary and connecting with the group’s ground transportation at the airport may use our airport transfers as long as space is available.  Otherwise, he/she must provide their own airport transfers.

If Forspro is providing the airfare

Included in the program price is the international transportation. Forspro provides airfare as a way to facilitate and insure students are able to participate in the program with the transportation to Madrid and Paris at a reasonable price. Our function with the airline is similar to that provided by your local travel agent or internet travel site.

You may cancel the flight provided by Forspro up to 60 days prior to departure and receive a credit of $1200.  If you cancel the airline provided by Forspro within 60 days prior to departure, you will not receive a credit or refund.

Flight itinerary

The airlines are the ones who make all the flight arrangements, the itineraries for the program flights, and set their policies. The itineraries are randomly selected by the airline. Some flights from the USA to Spain are direct flights. Others are routed via Paris. Some participants may encounter longer delays than others in their connecting flights. However, the delays are no different than many of the connections you experience in flights you may arrange yourself.

The flight information is in your statement. The airlines are constantly revising their schedules and may make minor changes to their flight departures. Therefore, there is a possibility that your flight itinerary may have minor changes from the original reservation. Please refer to your statement to read your flight itinerary. Below is an example of the eastbound segment of your flight from the U.S. Use the same formula for the other segments and the westbound (return) flight. If the flight number begins with the letters "DL" it is a Delta flight. If it begins with "AF" it is an Air France flight.  If it is "IB" it is Iberia.

NOTE:  Some of you have outbound flights directly into Spain; therefore, bypassing Paris.  If that is the case, you will have "NA" in the section reserved for the flight from Paris to Madrid.

AF095 / 02JUL / MIACDG /1735  0810 / +1
AF095=Flight number / 02JUL=Date of departure / MIACDG=Miami to Paris / 1735  0810 =Depart & arrival time / +1=Arrival next day

CODES:  MAD=Madrid / AGP=Malaga / CDG=Charles de Gaul /MIA =Miami / JFK=New York


After Ticketing: One itinerary change will be permitted with the appropriate ticket reissue fee and any difference in fare.


The airline ticket is purchased approximately within 60 days prior to departure. The eticket information will be sent to you via email about 3 to 4 weeks prior to departure. Upon receipt of your eticket, you should review your ticket to make sure the information is accurate. We need your email address in order to send you the airline ticket information. Please note: The eticket is not actually an airline ticket. It is a form that contains your ticket number and the flight information. You can actually get your boarding pass with the information in your statement. Therefore, don't panic if you lose the eticket information.

Seat Assignment & Luggage Check-in

Since these are group reservations, we are unable to make individual seat assignments.