Join us in Spain

Health insurance

Included in the price of the program is health insurance. The coverage is provided through ASTES and applies while in Spain and only during the program dates.

Medical insurance is provided in Paris to cover only medical emergencies on a limited basis. Refund of up to 1,200 euros.

Participants are responsible for submitting their out of pocket qualifying medical expenses (prescription drugs…) to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Coverage limits while in Spain

This is a partial description of benefits. Naturally, some restrictions apply. Denomination is in euros.  Insurance company website is: www.astes.org.   Rates are as of September 2013.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

This type of coverage is not included in the price of the program but provides protection against trip cancellation or interruption due to death, serious illness, or injury. Although we don’t include this type of coverage nor do we sell these policies, we recommend to everyone to look into the benefits it provides. Access America provides this type of coverage. There are many other companies that do this at similar rates. Their phone number is 1-800-284-8300.