Join us in Spain


This page contains links below to the hotels, residence, and places you will be staying with links to their web pages as well.  We encourage you to read and get familiar with the places where you will stay and visit.

The hotels we use are at least 3 star hotels and the residences in Madrid are above average in comparison to other Colegio Mayores.  For a full description of the rooms, visit the dorm/hotel's web site by clicking the links to their sites below.

Room assignment

Rooms in the hotels or residences may not all be identical. Some may be slightly larger or different than others. They are assigned randomly without preference to any individual.  Most of you, if not all, will have similar accommodations. If having a room that you perceive different than the ones assigned to others could be a problem for you, please don't participate in our program.

Dorm/hotel Behavior:

Participants are expected to behave properly and follow norms of behavior as described on our web site under Rules and Regulations. Participants are responsible to the hotel for the condition of the rooms and for all of their personal expenses (phone calls, mini bar).

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