How to Register

Mail the signed and completed Application Form along with the initial $1000 installment plus the applicable Registration fee to Forspro, 3192 Via Abitare Way, Miami, Florida 33133.  Note: The registration fee is not part of the program price.

Register early and save 

  • If you register on or before December 31 - pay only $350 fee
  • If you register between January 1 and Mar 10 - pay $450 fee
  •  If you register between March 11 and May 1 - pay $500 fee
  • Registrations received after May 1 are subject to availability and a late fee of $50 ($550).

Payments & Late Charges

We accept personal checks, money orders, and cashier's checks. We do not accept credit cards unless you want to use PayPal option (see below).

Balance of fees due 60 days prior to departure. Please adhere to the payment due date to avoid the $75 late fee.  The balance of fees must be paid in full prior to departure.

FINANCIAL AID STUDENTS:  If you are a financial aid recipient and your financial aid will not be distributed until after our due date, you may pay a second installment of $750 on the due date (60 days prior to departure) and the balance 10 days before departure.  There will be a surcharge of $25 for extending the due date.

  • 2nd $1000 installment on the due date(45 days to departure)

  • Balance 10 days prior to departure.  (no personal checks)

  • There will be a surcharge of $15 for extending the due date

PayPal Option

You may pay with a credit by using PayPal.  However, please note that if you use PayPal, PayPal will charge a 3% fee which they deduct from your payment.  Therefore, if you make a payment of $1000 via PayPal, PayPal will send us $970.  We will apply $970 to your balance.

If you use this option, email the application to us and indicate in your email that you paid via PayPal.