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Rules & Regulations

While enrolled in one of our programs, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of FORSPRO. You acknowledge and accept FORSPRO has the authority at all times to establish rules of conduct necessary for the operation of the program, which includes your free time. You assure FORSPRO that you shall comply with the rules and regulations by FORSPRO and act in an appropriate manner at all times. These rules are designed to provide you and others the opportunity to have an educational, safe, and enjoyable trip abroad. Participants dismissed from the program for violating our rules and regulations will receive no refunds of any kind.


FORSPRO will adhere to all scheduled departure times. Consequences for students who do not show up on time are as follows:

NOTE: If, for any reason, a participant misses the return transportation for an excursion, the participant is responsible for all expenses relating to their return transportation, including if applicable, the sponsor or Forspro staff expenses. The participant assumes all responsibility and risks associated with their return trip and fully and completely releases FORSPRO from any and all liability for events that may happen during their return trip. 


Respect for all FORSPRO staff, sponsors, and fellow participants – Anyone who physically or verbally threatens, or uses abusive language towards any sponsor, staff member, or student is subject to immediate dismissal from the program.

Sexual Harassment: Program participants who become aware of sexual harassment or who believe they have been subjected to such treatment should report such actions to the on-site Resident Director, or to the Program Director. Participant violators of this policy are subject to dismissal from the FORSPRO facilities or program.


Due to security reasons, insurance requirements, and your safety and the safety of others around you, FORSPRO has the following policies regarding visitors and guests.

Non-participant family members (limited to parents / spouses / siblings/) may visit you for brief periods but will not be allowed to stay in Forspro arranged student housing. You are reminded that FORSPRO cannot provide any administrative support (transportation, housing, childcare, etc) or assume any responsibility for non-participant family members. Such accompanying non-participant family members are not part of the program and therefore cannot attend classes, field trips, or any other activities formally associated with the program. If such individuals become disruptive to the program, it may be grounds for your dismissal.

Other non-participant visitors and guests may visit you during your stay abroad but are not allowed to participate in any activity formally associated with the program. Under no circumstance is a non-participant allowed to take a non-family member (as described above) inside the sleeping quarters of the residence. Such visitors cannot stay in program arranged housing. Violators are subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.

 If you intend to have a spouse visit you while you are in the program, contact Forspro prior to departure to make the arrangements. Your spouse must adhere to Forspro's rules and regulations. If your spouse is making his/her own arrangements, he/she is considered a non-participant family member.


In the event of a violation there will be an investigation of the circumstances and the participant(s) involved shall provide information to facilitate the investigation. The Program Director and others, including the representative of the host institution, will review the violation(s) and make recommendations.


Disciplinary actions can take a variety of forms, and can be issued in combination, depending on the violation in question. FORSPRO at its sole discretion will determine what action, if any, to take for violation of the Rules & Regulations. You will not receive a refund or credit for missed activities or events as a result of any disciplinary actions. Such actions include but are not limited to the following:


The Program Director will warn participants who are abusing the rules and are in danger of disciplinary actions; however, when the offense is serious enough to warrant dismissal, no warning shall be necessary. The Program Director may place a program participant on probation. The probation may restrict you to in-house, or you may be required to find alternative housing at your own expense. A program participant who is removed from the FORSPRO program will receive no grades for course work in progress. In addition, the dismissed participant will not be entitled to a refund or credit for any fees paid. If you are dismissed from the program, you are responsible for changing your flight or purchasing a one-way ticket home on the next available flight and all associated ground transportation costs.